OM: what to think of a champions trophy against PSG? – season

The hypothesis has resurfaced in the press in recent days, as if nothing had happened, in articles that mention the calendar concerns: the League still wants to organize a champions trophy for the 2020-2021 season. Usually, this takes place at the very beginning of the season, but with the particular context of this year, it was necessary to play the national cup finals at that time. With in particular the victory of Paris Saint-Germain against Saint-Etienne in the Coupe de France. In fact, the Parisian club, author of the double, must face its dolphin in the last championship on this prestigious match. And this is the Olympique de Marseille. It was already the poster for the first champions trophy disputed by OM, 10 years ago. The Phocéens had imposed themselves on penalties, to fill the list a little more. What will it be this year?

The champions’ trophy … We are for!

Last year, André-Villas Boas dreamed of marking his time at OM with the winning of a trophy. So this is a dream opportunity? It’s a minor trophy, to be sure, but don’t be choosy. Even if it is played on a match, it remains a final against PSG. 10 years ago precisely, while before the meeting we did not know what to think of this possible additional title, a few minutes were enough for Didier Deschamps’ men to understand that it was better to add this line to the prize list. Because on the side of Paris, which was then the outsider, we wanted it at all costs, with a good physical commitment to the key. We can always talk about the EA Ligue 1 Games, but it’s been more than eight years since OM won a title, so there is no room to spit on it, even if there will be no no parade on the Old Port organized behind. But as long as we mention it, we must not forget that the winning of the League Cup in 2010, sometimes mocked too, had federated a whole group which had gone to seek the title behind. At the start of the season, OM could not manage their victory against PSG with two points out of nine possible at home on the following days. Now is the time to heal the wound.

The Champions Trophy … We are against it!

With the end of matches for amateur clubs, the French Cup tours had to be postponed. The weekend of January 2-3 will therefore not be devoted to the entry of OM and other Ligue 1 clubs. However, it would be a very bad idea to resume with this Champions Trophy against PSG. This Olympian team is already suffering in C1, why impose a new meeting at high intensity which risks depressing the troops even more? Above all, is it really the time to add a match to the calendar when OM already have two Ligue 1 matches postponed to fit in? The priority, it is well known, is to finish on the podium. So a reception in Lens or Nice to start 2021 is not luxury. Especially since two days of Ligue 1 follow. The reception of Montpellier on January 6 then a trip to Dijon on the 10th. If the second late game of the Phocéens is fixed on the 14th, that makes a series of 4 games with a single trip, at one of the weakest formations of Ligue 1. Being in a good phase, it could therefore make a nice little series, with 12 points that could hurt the competition. Isn’t that worth more than a trophy invented by the League?


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