Ombudsman asks IACHR to reject blockades in the country

The Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo, wrote a letter to the president of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
, IACHR, Antonia Urrejola, in which he asks you to reject the blockades that are taking place in some areas of the country.

In the letter, Camargo expresses to the president of the IACHR that the roadblocks in the country represent restrictions on the fundamental rights of Colombians and expresses his concern, especially by the municipalities and departments of the southwestern and eastern part of the country, such as Valle del Cauca and Nariño, since, says the defender, they have been among the most affected by the shortage of medicines and food.

Representing the millions of people who are affected, I consider of inestimable value a statement by the commission that sponsors and contributes to the parties reaching agreements and, in particular, for the blockades that generate human rights violations to be lifted”, Asserted Camargo.

The Ombudsman is in Cali
, because he assured that the Ombudsman would be doing a control “strong, strict and intense deployment of the military forces in Valle del Cauca”Before the announcement by President Iván Duque of a deployment of the armed forces to support the Police in the department.

This is the letter:

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