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Omicron confirmed in UAE too | 02Dec2021

Dubai: Omidron, a new variant of Kovid, has also been confirmed in the UAE. Wednesday night at midnight in the UAE. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Health. The variant Omicron was found in an African national who arrived in the UAE through another Arab country.

They entered the country following all the entry criteria currently in place in the UAE, including the Kovid vaccination system. The ministry said all those who came in contact with them were under surveillance and had no symptoms and had been provided with the necessary treatment. The ministry said the health sector was ready to deal with any situation and that everyone, including Booster Doss, should be vaccinated.

Earlier, the Omicron virus was confirmed in Saudi Arabia. The virus was found in a Saudi national from Africa. He is in isolation. Those who were in contact with the patient were quarantined. Saudi Arabia has imposed a travel ban on African countries. He is thought to have arrived in Saudi Arabia earlier.


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