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“Omicron” will become just “Seasonal disease” Mor Nithi confirmed.

Prof. Dr. Nithi Mahanon Yan “Omicron” It’s just a seasonal flu. Point out not to panic with “Omicron species” this too

28 Sept. 21 Prof. Dr. Nithi Mahanon, Secretary General of Chulabhorn Royal College and Director of Chulabhorn Hospital posted on Facebook. Nithi Mahanonda Identify the issue “Omicron” with the following content

Here’s a summary from Tweeter Eric Topol’s different opinions on “Omicron” from many perspectives around the world Anyone who may read in a doctor’s language does not understand I summarize as follows. When things aren’t facts, they’re just opinions, there are many nuances that can confuse people. But there is nothing out of consciousness. Understand (wisdom) and have the discipline to protect yourself. and those around us that we love

As for vaccines, don’t forget to rush to inject millions of people who haven’t yet had a needle. Who will inject three, four, five needles and be able to accept the side effects that may occur? (People see differently that the symptoms from “Omicron” less) If you’re worried, just inject it. There is an opportunity to donate to help. People who haven’t got another 7-8 million as well.

Animal and non-human data show that “Omicron” Not good for lung cells (People disagree that people are not animals) Many people say that the same vaccine (two doses) and people who have been infected still have enough immunity and immune memory levels. elderly people with certain diseases may not be enough) and that it spreads quickly The symptoms are not severe (in some countries and some groups), so many people say that it’s better to go get the infection than let them know and know that they will survive. (Please help everyone who thinks like this)

As for those who think differently, they say that we have many measures to reduce the spread (such as masks, distance, ventilation and hand washing). “Omicron” It’s gone before

next year i will

1) not excited about the outbreak “Omicron” overdue

2) will be vaccinated according to the same period Don’t rush to spray too quickly for you. “Omicron” especially

3) Take responsibility for yourself and those around you with a sense of not seeking to touch you. “Omicron” according to the orbit or risk behavior

4) If there is a cold or flu-like symptoms, I will be fully protected. Not to infect others (many people forget that wearing a mask correctly is important to prevent us from accidentally infecting others.)

5) Be careful of touching the elderly or have chronic diseases until you “Omicron” will pass

Don’t risk it, don’t be careless, don’t think it won’t happen to us. And the important thing to remember is not to hurt the people you love.

I still predict the same, no later than July-August 2022. “Omicron” It will only become a seasonal epidemic. Next year we may only need one or two more vaccinations (depending on the vaccine type) and then once a year before the outbreak (maybe twice in some years).

May everyone be healthy and free from both physical and mental illnesses. and have the wisdom to know with this outbreak together without panic


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