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Omikron: More pediatric hospitalization in South Africa

Johannesburg: Hospital admissions to children have reportedly increased in South Africa since the omicron variant of Kovid began to spread. Health sources in the country said that the cause of the incident was yet to be ascertained. Hospital stays are more common in children under the age of five. The prevalence of the disease has risen among children between the ages of 10 and 14, said Vassila Jassat of the National Communicable Disease in the country. It is concluded that failure to vaccinate children may be the cause of the case. Doctors also testify that Kovid is more likely to be confirmed in children and adults who have not been vaccinated. The disease is spreading like never before in Gauteng, where Omicron was first confirmed. The disease is spreading three times faster than Delta and Beta.

* Omicron confirmed for five in New York. Subsequently, the Kovid inspection was made mandatory for all, including citizens arriving in the country from next week.

* WHO team arrives in Gauteng, South Africa


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