on board the bus that goes to meet the young people

The two young people are a little hesitant about their future. ” Me, I would like to be a delivery driver, because I do not want to stay behind a desk doing nothing One shyly mumbles behind his mask. ” You’re right: behind a desk, we do nothing », Smiles Patrick Toulmet, interministerial delegate for apprenticeship.

« I would like manual work Adds the other. ” But which one? Electrician? Baker? “, Asks the senior civil servant in a wheelchair who, from his almost fifteen years at the head of one of the most important apprenticeship training centers in France, in Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis), has kept the language direct that he always wanted to have with young people.

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This Friday, October 9, in the apprenticeship bus that stops at Grigny (Essonne), it is without unnecessary coating that he pushes into their entrenchments the two young visitors of 17 and 18 years who, professional bac in their pocket, are still hesitating about their future despite the four training centers that offer them a multitude of opportunities.

“New breath” since 2018

« Our problem is that young people do not know the trades », Regrets Patrick Toulmet. Hence the idea of ​​this bus to meet young people in the car parks of supermarkets or stadiums and make them aware of the work-study training that exists around them. ” If young people don’t come to us, it’s up to us to come to them », Insists this close to Emmanuel Macron.

Alongside Patrick Toulmet, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, President of Medef, recognizes that there is still work to be done for better bridges between training and companies. Hence his presence that morning in the bus on the occasion of the School-Business week of National Education.

« In 2018, the law allowed companies to create their own training centers and this gave new life to apprenticeship, but it is still difficult for teachers to make the trades known but also, it must be recognized. , for companies to make them more attractive “Concedes the” boss of bosses “, calling for a” cultural change ”.

Apprenticeship resists in 2020

For him, the law of 2018 however allowed a new dynamic as evidenced by the more than 480,000 work-study or apprenticeship contracts signed last year, a record. Despite the crisis, the figure should be maintained this year, according to the first elements that go back to the federations of branches.

« Thanks in particular to the € 8,000 bonus for hiring an apprentice, we should, against all odds, remain on a plateau in 2020 », Rejoices Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, who nevertheless wants to be cautious, underlining the big difficulties of sectors such as hotels and restaurants.

13% more apprentices in the building industry

« In construction, we will even have 13% more apprentices this year, adds Fabien Daurat, president of the Essonne Building Federation. It’s a shame that there is this crisis because, two years ago, we had started to change the image of apprenticeship. »

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This link between training and the company remains the difficulty encountered in the development of apprenticeship. ” I accompany several young people whom the CFAs refuse to welcome because they have not found a boss », Thus laments Gilles Hermoso, head of a work integration company, to Patrick Toulmet.


« It is however not obligatory “, Tempers the senior official. “ Yes, but this is the reality, his interlocutor answers. Suddenly, we have young people who have already lost a month of lessons and who are in the street rather than being at school! »

A rant which, luckily, takes place in front of the president of the local Medef who will leave with a stack of CVs under his arm, promising to distribute them to businesses in Essonne.


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