On her return to television with “Mamushka”, Mariana Fabbiani gave 500 thousand pesos

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After five months, Mariana Fabbiani returned to television. The driver took over the new entertainment program for El Trece, Mamushka, which had to delay its release to the air due to the coronavirus pandemic and modify some issues to respect the recommended hygiene and social distance measures, such as the absence of a public in the stands.

“Welcome to Mamushka! Finally, the desire I had to start, to be here and to meet again with all of you. I know these are difficult times, complicated for everyone, but from here we will try to bring you joy”Fabbiani said at the beginning of the program, with his trademark smile.

And he gave some details on how the program works: “A game challenge for you to be with your family and have a great time. I will not be alone, I am very well accompanied by these ten beautiful mamushkas, the protagonists of the program. They look the same but not: they are all different. Some hide money and others hide even more money, there are two that are empty, with those you lose everything. The perfect game is two million pesos. We wish you all the luck “.

Indeed, the scenery designed for this show exposes the mamushkas in the center of the scene. In this first broadcast, Ivana and her husband, Marcelo, they faced the giant dolls. Despite the nerves of participating in the debut of the cycle, the couple really wanted and He contributed his sympathy by answering the questions..

“Our project is finish a house that we are building for the family. We started three years ago and made a lot of progress, but there came a time when it got complicated. Besides, we promised our daughter that when we moved, we would bring her a puppy, ”they said, about the destination they would give to the money obtained in the cycle.

Throughout the broadcast they kept their distance from Fabbiani, respecting the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), and they got excited when they released a short video of their little daughter, who wished them luck. After finding the mamushka that contained the jackpot, 500 thousand pesos were taken.

A couple participates in each broadcast, which may be made up of friends, family, boyfriends or any other link, and the objective of the game must be clearly defined: find the money hidden inside the mamushkas.

The participating couple is going to face the ten mamushkas. Within each of them there may be one to five smaller dolls. The more small dolls there are, the more silver they contain. But, as Fabbiani said, there are two mamushkas that are totally empty: if they choose one of these, they lose everything accumulated so far.

The couple you must select and open eight of the ten dolls, one at a time. To do this, you must answer a question that enables you to continue playing. The more dolls are inside, the more money you earn. But by going for more, they can also lose everything: the key is to know when to stop … And be lucky.

It is only possible to leave with money after opening the eight wrists. But in the last wrist they can lose everything accumulated or duplicate it and take the two million pesos with the perfect game. In this first program, the participants decided to “stand” and kept the 500 thousand pesos they had accumulated.

It was difficult to put everything together, it was made difficult by the quarantine, but we are satisfied with the result and with the illusion that you like it. We started recording last Monday. We were pre-assembling the format, looking for the return ”, Fabbiani had in dialogue with Teleshow before the broadcast of the program. In addition, he revealed that the scenography had begun to be done at the end of February, but that when the factories and suppliers closed, everything had to be suspended, until certain activities resumed.


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