On his birthday..Ahmed El-Sakka’s story with Al-Ahly’s youth, then moving to the stands of Zamalek

Written by Lubna Abdullah

Wed, 01 March 2023 07:30 AM

The star Ahmed El-Sakka celebrates his birthday today, Wednesday, March 1, and he is considered one of the most important stars of his generation, and he was born in 1973. El-Sakka grew up in an artistic family. Although Al-Sakka admitted on more than one occasion his love and affiliation with the Zamalek club, as he inherited from his father, he started his life as a player. Al-Ahly.

The artist, Ahmed El-Sakka, joined the club’s football team Al Ahlyat an early age until he reached the 16-year-old team in the Red Castle, but his constant passion for art and his belonging to an artistic family, was a reason to leave the game, and turn to acting, due to the opinions of the directors who confirmed that he possesses a rare talent and that he must invest it..

The artist Ahmed El-Sakka is currently practicing equestrian sport, as he is a lover of horses, and has a very strong relationship with them, which made him own a stable in the Haram area, and he also likes to share photos and videos with his fans continuously with horses..

Al-Sakka’s artistic breakthrough in the TV drama came with a nomination from Osama Anwar Okasha to play a major role in the series (Al-Nawa) directed by Muhammad Fadel, and he confirmed the launch with a good role in the evening “Marriage on Sullivan’s Paper”, which achieved great success. In its beginnings, he participated in small roles in plays. Take a template” and before taking on major roles in the plays “Afroto” and “Keda Okeh”, in 1995, he began his real cinematic career with small roles in the films “Huda and His Excellency the Minister” and “Al-Marakibi”, before starring in the films “Saidi at the University”. The American” and “Hammam in Amsterdam”, to win the first championship in his life in the movie “Short, T-shirt and Cap”, which achieved great success at the time of its presentation..

Ahmed El-Sakka played starring roles in many films such as “Africano” in 2001, “Mafia” in 2002, “Tito” in 2004, “Italy’s War” in 2005, “On Love and Passion” in 2006, and “ Taymour and Shafiqa” in 2007, “Al-Jazeera” in 2007, “Ibrahim Al-Abyad” in 2009, “The Dealer” in 2010, “Ibn Al-Consul” in 2010, and “Al-Maslahah” in 2012. The quarrelsome character prevailed over the roles he played. Al-Sakka, where most of the films in which he starred were thrillers, and among his films, “Mafia” is the most distinguished..

Ahmed El-Sakka won many awards, most notably the Artistic Excellence Award in 2010, and the Best Actor Award at the National Film Festival for his role in the movie “Al-Jazeera”.“.

Al-Sakka’s stardom was not fragmented, as he is a TV star in addition to being a theater and cinema star, as he played many TV roles such as “Going and Returning” in 2015, and “Red Lines” in 2012, and his movie “Forced Escape” received great acclaim during its screening in Cinemas.

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