On its store, Dyson sprays the price of its vacuum cleaners (-40%) πŸ”₯

No one can resist the temptation of Black Friday, not even Dyson. The premium cordless vacuum cleaner brand has published all its offers this weekend to the delight of all. In total, you can save more than a hundred euros on cordless or sled vacuum models. Purifiers, lamps and other fans are also displayed at a discount.

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Among the discounts available on the Dyson store:

Attention : several vacuum cleaner models are displayed β€œin pre-order”. It just means that the shipping times are slightly delayed. On the Dyson site, it is written very explicitly when these devices will be delivered. In any case, no risk for the Christmas holidays: they are still delivered in November.

Unfortunately, the Dyson site already shows breaks on some models like the Dyson V10 Total Clean or the V11 Outsize. It is therefore especially necessary to hurry to grab the other vacuum cleaners which are always available. For those on a budget, the $ 219 Motorhead V7 is a great choice. For those who want the latest model from the manufacturer, the V15 Detect with its laser is extraordinary.

Dyson vacuum cleaner prices fall

Dyson has not accustomed us to making discounts on its cordless and bagless vacuums. The prestigious brand does a bit like Apple: it avoids lowering prices to maintain its brand image. It therefore monitors all resellers so that they do not make reductions. Besides, Amazon doesn’t even have the brand in its product catalog.

It must be said that even without reduction, Dyson vacuums sell very well. It is a top-of-the-range object which also brings real comfort during cleaning. Vacuum cleaners fit everywhere in a home thanks to the absence of wire and they are very light. An important point concerns the suction power – which is the great know-how of the brand. Their efficiency is formidable even on older models.

Rather than depending solely on the black friday day (next Friday), Dyson kicked off a bargain week. You might as well take advantage of it now because the stock can run out at any time. Last year, the official store had sold out of all stick vacuum cleaners for several days even before the famous Black Friday. She has no interest in only trying to sell her stock over one day.

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Certainly, you have some pressure to buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner asap on the site. In less than 48 hours, several models disappeared from the catalog and others saw their delivery times increase noticeably. However, the English manufacturer gives you the opportunity to return your purchase within 30 days of delivery if that does not suit you.

For each of the Dyson vacuum cleaner models that you will take, know that the manufacturer also gives you a 2-year warranty on the product. If there was a defect or a technical problem, he would undertake to take it back from you. It is also a strong signal which proves that the brand has confidence in its household appliances. This also applies to its other products such as fans or air purifiers.

Guide to brand vacuum cleaners

If you’re not very familiar with Dyson vacuums, we’ll quickly walk you through how their range works. Every 2 years it announces a new product – which is an evolution of the previous model. These cordless vacuum cleaners therefore see the associated figure evolved: the V7 is older than the V8, which itself is older than the V10. The latest is the V15 which is also the most upscale of all.

Then, behind each of these numbers is associated a name: Absolute, Animal, Fluffly, Total Clean or Motorhead. This name simply conditions the number of accessories that will be supplied in the box. So there can be a Dyson V8 Motorhead or a Dyson V8 Absolute. In any case, whatever version you take, there is always the motorized brush that made the success of the brand.

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury this Black Friday, the Dyson V15 Detect is an exceptional vacuum cleaner. No competitor has yet developed such technology with a laser that detects dust. The suction power has been further increased and the autonomy now exceeds 40 minutes. It is the ultimate in cordless bagless vacuuming. At the moment, a charging station (not wall-mounted) worth 125 euros is offered.

For those who want a real reduction on their Dyson device, it will be necessary to turn to older models. For example, the Dyson V7 and V8 are the only two that remain under 300 euros. These are still the brand’s vacuum cleaners, so you can have complete confidence in their efficiency. These are also the models that are the most sold. Their value for money is quite extra.

One thing is certain, it will be necessary to hurry to get your hands on the last examples of these Dyson vacuum cleaners. Throughout the weekend, the merchant site experienced real slowdowns due to high demand. Black Friday has fully started at Dyson, it’s time to save money.

To see the offers on the Dyson store, it’s here:

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