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In line with the launch of the PS5, the annual membership fee for PlayStation Plus was reduced. At many retailers, you currently only pay 44.99 euros instead of the usual 59.99 euros.

A few years ago, the price of PlayStation Plus was increased by ten euros to around 60 euros per year. However, you do not have to pay this amount if you are interested in membership. Because every now and then the annual membership is offered at a reduced price.

You currently have access to such an offer at various retailers. Amazon, Media Markt and Saturn have started to sell PlayStation Plus at a price of only 44.99 euros. This saves you around 15 euros compared to the otherwise regular price of PlayStation Plus.

As mentioned, you can find the offer at retailers such as Amazon, Saturn and Media Markt. Below we have the links to the product pages for you.

PlayStation Plus: Annual subscription for 44.99 euros

In the PlayStation Store becomes PlayStation Plus currently with the usual 60 euros listed. However, it can’t hurt to take a look at the linked PS Plus overview every now and then.

The advantages of PlayStation Plus should be well known. This includes the possibility of using the online and multiplayer features of numerous games on the PS4 and PS5. Other membership features include access to 100 GB of cloud storage for saved data, additional discounts, exclusive betas and demos.

And then there is the PS Plus game collection: In November 2020, a title for the PS5 will be included for the first time. This is “Bigsnax”. There are also the usual PS4 free games, which can be tackled on the PS5 thanks to the downward compatibility of the new Sony console.

On the subject

Another free gift in November is the so-called PlayStation Plus Collection, which you owned 20 PS4 games that run on the PS5 and use the boost mode. But also on the PS4 the Collection can be used. More about PlayStation Plus you can find out in our topic overview.

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