On sale in Bizkaia stores: perfect clothes and accessories for the summer

Bizkaia Dmoda

From off-road jackets to flattering dresses: we have dived in shops that already have discounts of up to 50% looking for summer options and full of style

Sarai Vázquez

The discounts offer the opportunity to renew the wardrobe for little money or to make us with that whim that is now accessible to our pocket. This is why we have dived in stores that already have discounts of up to 50% in search of off-road jackets, the most comfortable pants, printed blouses or the most flattering accessories. At Bizkaia Dmoda we bring you a selection of discounted clothing and accessories that you can find in local establishments, because now more than we never reinforce our commitment to local trade. Take a look at our gallery and find the model that will become your favorite this summer. Which one do you prefer?


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