On the anniversary of the birth of Sana Jamil .. her real name and the secret of her burial after 4 days

Today is the birthday of the late artist Sana is beautiful The 90 is one of the stars that presented many works of art that are immortal in the cinema’s memory.
Her real name Thuraya Youssef Atallah She was born in 1930 in the Mallawi Center of Al-Minya Governorate, to a Coptic Christian family who had a twin sister and older brother, and her family decided to move to Cairo before the Second World War and entered Sanaa, the French school of Mir de Die at the age of nine years.

Sana remained in school until high school, and after that she joined the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts without telling her family, but her brother discovered the matter and threatened her to leave the institute, but she refused and her family abandoned her and expelled her from the house for her desire to enter into the art.

After leaving her family’s home, she took refuge in the director Zaki Tulaimat, whom she met at the institute and helped her and found a residence for her in the house of female students and began looking for work to spend on herself, so she worked out clothes and furnishings For 6 pounds per month, to be able to pay the rent for her stay, in addition to her work at the Institute’s Modern Slasher Band.

It was the beginning of the real fame of Sana Jamil in the beginning and the end of the role of Nafisa, who was praised by critics and the public, but because of a scene in this film, she suffered from a weak sense of hearing, when Omar Sharif, who was presenting the role of the shocked brother in the reality of his sister, and that she was spending on him from her work as a lil girl , Slapped her severely, causing hearing impairment in one of her ears.

Sanaa Jamil met her husband, journalist Louis Grace, for the first time at her home during a farewell party held by a joint Sudanese friend. They exchanged admiration and when he was leaving her house, she jokingly told him: “Oh, Louis has a tariff set,” he replied, “I have two piasters coined,” and she replied: Ok, loud and sincere, I will miss your phone at 12 o’clock in the morning, “and this was the beginning of the love story between them.

He started getting closer to her even though he did not know that she was a Christian, but he thought she was a Muslim because of the repetition of the word “and the Prophet and God is Great”, but she told him that she is a Christian Orthodox like him and actually decided to hold a ceremony to complete the marriage ceremony, but the priest refused because there are no mourners or witnesses So Lewis rented two cars and brought his Rose El Youssef colleagues to attend the wedding.

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Sanaa Jamil remained in the artistic field and presented many cinematic roles, theater and television, such as “The second wife, I live in my poem, Laugh the picture looked sweet” and others until she had lung cancer in her last days and remained in the hospital 3 months until her health deteriorated further and she died at the age of 72 years However, her husband refused to bury her on the first day, in the desire that one of her relatives or family, whom she did not know anything to appear, and the death announcement was published in all newspapers, but until the third day, no one appeared, and he decided to bury her on September 22, 2002.

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