On the anniversary of the departure of Fayrouz .. Learn about her real name and her husband are a famous artist

Today is the anniversary of the departure of the artist, Fayrouz, who was dubbed the “Miracle Girl”, who presented a number of films in her childhood with the artist Anwar Wagdy and achieved great success.

Her real name is not Fairuz
But “Byrouz”, its full name is Byrouz Artin Calvian, and she is from an Armenian family of
Aleppo, Syria, and she was born in Cairo in 1943

Fairuz married the artist Badr
Religion Jamjoom, and she got acquainted with her during her participation with the Ismail Yassin theater group, after her retirement
Acting, and she gave birth to him “Ayman and Iman”, until he died in 1992.

Since Anwar Wagdy saw her
Adopted artistically, and appeared in many films that he liked or produced, and Fayrouz was distinguished by its ability
Super-review, singing and acting at a young age, and worked together for 3 years.

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