On the roof of Europe, Ursula von der Leyen must give a horizon

Ursula von der Leyen, the first woman to be appointed President of the European Commission, had given herself 100 days to convince, after taking office on December 1. On the program, the signing of a “green pact”, the adoption of a “Legislative proposal” on ethical artificial intelligence (AI), the establishment of a “fair” minimum wage for every worker in the Union …

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This was before the coronavirus crisis and its economic consequences hit Europe, taking with them a whole political agenda.

Review and Prospects

This necessarily reshuffles the cards, as the head of the European executive is due to deliver a long-awaited speech on the State of the Union on Wednesday September 16. This annual exercise, modeled on the state of the American Union, aims to show how far we have come and to lay out the paths for the future.

The German can boast of having facilitated the rapprochement between Paris and Berlin, which jointly developed a recovery plan largely adopted by the 27. In the end, 750 billion euros will be mobilized in seven years to support the European economy facing a historic recession, including 390 billion in subsidies, which will be allocated to the states most affected by the pandemic. A deal “Historical” which establishes for the first time a common debt to be repaid by the 27.

Relaunching climate ambition

Ursula von der Leyen, despite the crisis, must also show that she has not let go of her strategic ambitions. It must unveil the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Brussels intends to raise its objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by the EU for 2030 at -55%, while it is currently set at -40% compared to the 1990 level. The Commission could also specify a reform of the carbon market, while the “polluter pays” system counts numerous exemptions, depending on the sector.

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In anticipation of his speech, the European Commission has also announced that it will present its project to reform migration policy in the EU on September 23. This new pact on migration and asylum, the date of which has been pushed back many times, was maintained and even brought forward by a week, following the fire in the Greek camp of Moria, in Lesbos.


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