on the way to Guadix, the largest cave town in Europe



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M. De Chalvron, F. Le Moal, N. Lehoueller, G. Liaboeuf

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The inhabitants of Guadix in Spain live isolated in their cave. They chose this way of life in cave dwellings.

The ideal way to approach the caves of Guadix in Spain is to take a little height aboard a hot air balloon, to fully appreciate the panorama. “Before, it was a lake, and when the water evaporated, it created this landscape so curious“, explains Miguel Julia Garrido, pilot of the hot air balloon Glovento On. The caves of Gualix are the result of erosion millennia ago. This landscape allowed the Moors, driven out of the cities, to find refuge there at the end of the 16th century.

With 2,500 caves still inhabited today, recognizable by their small white chimneys, Gualix is ​​the largest city European troglodyte. While many have been abandoned over the centuries, some have been restored recently. These caves are now functional and comfortable, but above all very ecological because they keep the heat in winter and the freshness in summer, below the one to two meters of land allowing insulation.

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