On video | 10-year-old boy is shot in the La Sierrita neighborhood

During the afternoon of this Friday a 10-year-old boy was injured in the middle of a gunshot attack they did in their home located on Calle 55 with Carrera 4A, La Sierrita neighborhood, south of Barranquilla.

The injured minor was taken to the San Ignacio Clinic, from where he was sent to the Adelita de Char University Road, where his health prognosis is reserved.

On the outskirts of the health center, Family members of the minor provided details of what happened.

“I was lying on the bed when I felt the shots and the child was there, but the door was closed. So, it was through the window that the shot came in that hit the child that he was in the room with his mother, ”said the 50-year-old man, who has been a pensioner of the National Police for 23 years.

But nevertheless, the authorities gave another version of what happened. The preliminary police report indicates that two men entered the house and when they were leaving they activated the weapon and the bullet hit the child.

The hitmen who committed the attack fled on a blue motorcycle and the license plate ended in 49E, according to several witnesses.

“Those people arrived on a motorcycle and since the window was open they shot. Later, the uproar that the boy had been shot was heard and the father himself was the one who took him to the San Ignacio Clinic. Those people around here are calm, it seemed strange to us that what happened, ”said a resident of the sector who preferred not to reveal her identity.


There are several hypotheses used by the judicial investigators who are handling the case, among them, the non-payment of extortion by the child’s father to the gang ‘Los Costeños’.

“We are analyzing all the security cameras in the sector to determine who is responsible for this fact.. In the same way, we are interviewing the family to find out which investigative lines to define, but one of the hypotheses that takes more force is that of non-payment of extortion, but we continue investigating what happened, “said an investigator of the case in dialogue with THE HERALD.

After the event, several of the witnesses came to the house to find out what happened, who reiterated that the people who reside in the house where the attack took place “have no problems in the sector.”

Four children shot

In less than a month in Barranquilla, three other minors have been injured in the midst of violent events.

The first case occurred at the end of October when a one-year-old girl was shot in the middle of a robbery that occurred in the San Luis neighborhood.

Exactly one week ago, Thursday, November 19, two minors were injured after a criminal pursuit in the Siete de Abril neighborhood, south of Barranquilla.


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