On video | Brutal assault on two women who made a claim

It was almost midnight on Friday and in one of the apartments in the La Ría building, in the Villa Santos neighborhood, the party was at its best. A group of people chatted with loud music, drinks and even a mariachi band, but it all ended in a violent attack that left two women who just wanted to rest as victims.

One of them was the pediatrician Dalila Peñaranda Fairuth, who was not allowed to close her eyes by the noisy party. According to the complaints on social networks and that already rest in the Prosecutor’s Office, the woman would have asked the security of the building several times to tell her neighbors that there were people trying to rest and that they could not do it because of the scandal. Lower the volume.

The agression

However, despite several calls, the rumba continued and each time seemed to get more animated. It was then that they requested the presence of the Police. The quadrant patrol arrived at the scene, located at Carrera 47 number 102-170. One of the uniformed men went up with the building guard and in the hallway they met the pediatrician, who led them to where the party was taking place.

Almost three minutes later and after an argument between neighbors, the cameras of the place recorded the moment in which a group of men pounced on Peñaranda Fairuth while the policeman tried to avoid the attack.

But there were many people and stopping the beating was impossible. The pediatrician tried to defend herself and managed to get away from her attackers for seconds, but a man caught up with her and struck her face several times. At that moment, his maid appeared, who tried to stop them from beating him, but at 57 years old she was defenseless against the force of the men encouraged by the liquor. She also received several blows.

While some were beating them, others detained the police from defending them. It was when the employee fell to the ground after being pushed and one of the assailants did not hesitate to gain momentum and kick her in the face.

The watchman only saw the scene, but did nothing. Faced with the uproar, the mariachis picked up their instruments and escaped down the emergency stairs. The range of the building’s security cameras was not enough to record what happened next, but in his complaint the victim stated that the attack continued in his apartment, where he had gone in search of refuge.

It all ended when some party goers made the men who were most excited and who had attacked the victims leave the place. This medium learned that, despite the police presence, the evident aggression against women and the agglomeration of people despite the sanitary measures by Covid-19, none were apprehended, not even fined.

EL HERALDO contacted the pediatrician Dalila Peñaranda, who confirmed everything that had happened and said that she had filed the corresponding complaints, but that because she was exhausted she preferred to talk with this publishing house at another time. The specialist had assured that she was left with injuries to her face and various parts of her body and that her employee, whom she identified as Carmencita, has edema on her face and bruises on different parts of the body.

The people who were denounced are Martín Parra, Fanny Franco, Jalim Rebaje and Assad Baraque.

Strong rejection

The obvious aggression against these women aroused outrage on social media and from the authorities. The Barranquilla Mayor’s Office issued a statement in which, in addition to rejecting this act of violence, it announced the actions to be taken.

“The Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla strongly condemns the aggression against the pediatrician Dalila Peñaranda Fairuth and her maid in a residential complex in the city, accompanies the complaint and requests to expedite the assignment of a prosecutor to hear the case. In the face of violence, zero tolerance, ”the statement read.

The communication also specified that the authorities and the COVID Patrol coordinated an accompaniment for Dr. Peñaranda to institute the respective complaints and in this way “carry out the respective investigations and find the whereabouts of the aggressors.”

The District insisted that parties are prohibited and that those who violate this measure “will find authorities ready to act,” the document said.

Through his Twitter account, the mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo, condemned this violent act. “We strongly condemn the attack on the pediatrician Dalila Peñaranda Fairuth and her domestic worker. Zero tolerance for violence. ” In a second ‘trill’, the president stated that “parties are prohibited. They cannot play with the suffering of families who lost a loved one, or jettison the city’s efforts to regain normalcy. “

For his part, Colonel Oleskyenio Flórez, operational commander of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police, reported that “the Police are accompanying those affected.”

The Colombian Society of Pediatrics also joined the voices of rejection through a statement, sending a message to the authorities so that they do not stop accompanying the victims who suffered “serious physical, moral and psychological damage.” , it reads in the document.


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