On video | Mystery in Puerto Colombia by woman found adrift

Two fishermen from Puerto Colombia they found at 5:30 in the morning of this Saturday a woman floating 3 kilometers frome the shore of the beaches of that municipality.

Rolando Visbal, one of the fishermen, says that when he had already thrown the net to fish, he noticed a body that was floating.

“As we got closer we see that the body raises a hand and we hurry to rescue it. When we are closer we see that it is a woman. We threw a life preserver at her as we approached her, ”Visbal said in dialogue with EL HERALDO.

The 46-year-old woman was found wearing an Arab robe, rubber shoes and a sweatshirt.

The Secretary of Government of Puerto Colombia, Leonel Morrón Maiguel confirmed the case and pointed out that the woman is at the Salgar health post.

“When the woman arrived at the health post, she did not speak and was in a state of shock, there the doctors stabilized her, until she could speak a little,” Morrón explained.

According to the doctors who treated her, the woman who has not yet been identified, would have had a depressive picture as a result of an episode of domestic violence.

“Apparently, the lady was getting divorced from her husband who left her here a few months ago. She is alone and was welcomed in a foster home. Yesterday (Friday) the woman learned that she had been disengaged from the EPS and the foster home announced that they were not going to treat her anymore and they took her out of the place, ”doctor Bernardo Howard told this medium.

Authorities summarize that The woman walked along the Vía 40 Las Flores and was wandering all morning until it reached the beach, where it would have been launched.

“The lady is in stable health. She arrived with hypothermia, but we have already managed to stabilize her ”, said the doctor.

At first it was believed that she may have been a trafficked woman, for all the conditions in how it was found.

This medium learned that the woman is a native of the city of Bogotá and the authorities are already contacting the family.


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