On video | Normality in marches during the national strike day

Complying with biosafety standards, dozens of people took the main streets of Barranquilla during the morning of this Wednesday to participate in the two demonstrations that were called in this new day of protest, within the framework of the national strike.

The high temperatures they were not an impediment for students, members of trade union organizations and ordinary citizens They will gather in Joe Arroyo Square – located at Calle 72 and Carrera 46 – to express their rejection of a series of measures adopted by the national government.

Henry Gordon, director of the Central Unitary of Workers of Colombia (CUT) in the Atlantic, indicated that this day of demonstrations is motivated by three axes: the defense of life and democracy, as well as the negotiation of the emergency document.

“We are against massacres, the murder of social leaders and the brutality of the Police. We defend citizen participation and demands for the Colombian people ”, stated the union leader.

The doctor Wilder Castiblanco, representative of the SOS Movement, indicated that health personnel joined the protest to demand better labor guarantees in the midst of the health emergency caused by Covid-19.

“We are the union that has suffered the most from the pandemic. We do not have health or benefits, nor do we have employment guarantees that protect us”, Stated the doctor.

For his part, José Ignacio Jiménez, president of the Association of Educators of the District of Barranquilla (Adeba), said that they join the protest day to reiterate their request to the national government to comply with the agreements proposed to improve the quality of The education.

“The pandemic requires us to alternate and if there are no resources to make adjustments in the schoolsWe cannot take children to classrooms as bait for the virus, ”he said.

While Luis Ángel Alonso, a student at the Universidad del Atlántico, called for the appropriate resources to be used for a quality higher education in the Colombian territory.

“We ask that you stop the stigmatization of the student movement and that there be more investment for a quality public education for all Colombiansyes, ”he explained.

In turn, Oscar Echeverría, president of the Union of Atlantic Workers, said that the demonstrations will continue in the department to reject the “wrong decisions” of the Duque government.

The other manifestation Its starting point was the Inem school, located on 30th street. From that place, a caravan of vehicles left that traveled through Murillo Street and later took 38 Street until it reached Paseo Bolívar.

In this demonstration there was the presence of delegations from departments such as La Guajira, Cesar and Magdalena, which were mainly made up of teachers and trade unionists.

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