On Warzone, the secret nerf of Cold War silencers will be canceled

Fans of Call of Duty : Warzone will be happy to learn that the secret nerve of the Silent Agency season 2 as well as the other Silencers of Black Ops Cold War will be canceled very soon and that everything will be back to normal.

As soon as season 2 of Warzone began, players were eager to discover all the new features of the Battle Royale, including visiting the mysterious ghost ship full of zombies and also testing the new weapons.

And straight away, players were very surprised to discover an unpleasant change: the weapons of Black Ops Cold War have become weaker.

But then why the weapons of the last opus of Treyarch suddenly became weaker than the others? Well the reason is that the Silent Agency, the Cold War mouth prop that is supposed to be a copy of Modern Warfare’s Monolithic Silencer, was nerfed in season 2.

Rumors quickly spread throughout the community, and recently the content creator JGOD confirmed what many had started to suspect, the Silencer Agency is now removing range on your weapon, and the speed of the bullets is slower. Fortunately, the developers reacted quickly and confirmed that this situation will change soon.

As JGOD explains in their video, the new update ensures that in-game prop descriptions now actually reflect what they do. Therefore, props that claim to increase the speed of the balls will really do, which was not always the case in the past.

The downside, however, is that it means the silent agency’s hidden bullet speed buffs (as seen with FFAR 1) are now a reflection of the prop’s info. So, like the game says, the speed of the balls has now been reduced.

However, by reversing the buffs to make the Agency Silencer totally similar to Modern Warfare’s Monolithic Silencer, the update actually nerfs all of the Black Ops Cold War mouth props.

As Raven Software tweeted the day after the new update went live, the Silent Agency and GRU will be returned ” to their former glory in the next hotfix. ┬╗

This probably means that, according to the Monolithic Silencer, these silencers will benefit from an improvement in bullet speed, which will make them more effective at range and much more viable.

While it can be frustrating for fans to know that these buffs and nerfs weren’t mentioned in the patch notes, one can only hope that the new emphasis on transparency in in-game prop descriptions will come through. will then reflect in the next patch. This could be of great help, as fans will no longer need to test things out for themselves to find out what in-game props really do.

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