One hundred rays of dignity were lit in Kiev

Photo: Natalia Gerasimenko / Facebook

Dignity rays in the center of Kiev

After several years of hiatus, beams were again lit in the center of the Ukrainian capital in memory of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred.

In the center of the capital, on the Alley of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, at the same time from three points they lit a hundred Rays of Dignity, symbolizing the souls of the fallen Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred. The corresponding photos and videos were published on Saturday, February 20, by netizens.

It is noted that the lighting of the rays was accompanied by a song Pline is up… Then the melodies from the project about the Heavenly Hundred sounded Dignity characters.

“The Rays of Dignity appeared immediately on the first anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity, but then there were gaps, that is, there were a year or two when they were not launched into the sky. This year the Rays of Dignity lit up. And their peculiarity is that there is also audio accompaniment, music, written by Roman Kolyada as part of the project Dignity characters“, – quoted by the agency Ukrinform Director of the Museum of the Revolution of Dignity Igor Poshivailo.

Let us remind you that today in Ukraine they honor the memory of the Heavenly Hundred. President Vladimir Zelensky and his wife Elena installed icon lamps at the cross at the site of the death of the Maidan activists and made the first blow to the Bell of Dignity, which that day rang for every Hero of the Heavenly Hundred who died.

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