Economy One in four saves nothing

One in four saves nothing


You do not get rich from what you earn, but from what you do not spend.
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The saving behavior of the Germans gapes sharply: 28 percent have after deduction of all living costs at the end of the month less than 50 euros left. However, the proportion of many-savers is remarkably high.

BMore than a quarter of citizens in Germany are almost empty at the end of the month. After deducting all living expenses, 28 percent at the end of the month have a maximum of 50 euros left over at the national level, which they can then put aside. This was determined by the insurance company Swiss Life and the survey institute Yougov. More than 2,000 citizens were interviewed for the representative survey.

The fear of poverty in old age is widespread according to the survey: more than one in three (36 percent) is worried that they do not have the financial means to live well when they get older. For many, the most expensive block is the apartment: around one in three spend more than 30 percent of their income on rent and utilities. In second place followed by food with 19 percent, third car and public transport with a good 9 percent.

However, a good quarter of respondents also said they had more than $ 400 left by the end of the month. According to the survey, especially many of these people are in Hesse (36 percent) and Bavaria (33 percent). In Schleswig-Holstein (37 percent) and Hamburg (33 percent), on the other hand, the proportions of those with the lowest salary of 50 euros or less remain highest.


Spouses have to pay each other for their care costs. Sometimes ex-partners and currently still children are asked to pay. But those who pay for the care can usually claim the expenses for tax purposes.

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