One in two Belgian women has experienced inappropriate behavior at work

The Belgian employment site carried out, before the health crisis, a study among 5,019 Belgian employees concerning (sexually) transgressive behavior at work. The most common forms of transgressive behavior in the workplace are quite similar for all participants, regardless of language or gender: almost half of employees (49%) have already been confronted with comments ambiguous at work or inappropriate jokes frequently (47%) and over a third (34%) to unwanted physical contact.

An interesting difference can be noted, according to StepStone, regarding the remarks on physical appearance. Employees were frequently confronted with comments about their appearance (43%), which is less common for men (16%).

The perpetrators of these behaviors were a colleague of the team of the person concerned in almost half of the cases (46%), the manager of the person (37%) and a colleague of another team (35%).

Two out of three Belgian victims say they were unable to talk about it at work. Only 15% would speak to their supervisor or the human resources department, while 30% would speak to a colleague.

“Being able to talk about it in a non-violent way is a crucial step in preventing undesirable behavior. That is why it is important to indicate your limits. Not being able to talk about it results in consistently high figures”, specifies the professor of medicine. work at the University of KU Leuven, Lode Godderis.

A closer look at the data reveals only one significant difference between male and female employees: it appears that male employees feel less likely to talk about it at work (68%) compared to 65% of their female colleagues.

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