ONE Lumpini 34: Superlek vs Rodtang – Epic Muay Thai Showdown with Unanimous Decision

2023-09-22 19:30:00
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Special Muay Thai fight, 3 rounds, ‘ONE Lumpini 34’, dream boxing match: “Rotang Jitmuangnon”, ONE Muay Thai world champion, flyweight division, VS “Superlek Kiatmoo 9”, ONE kickboxing world champion, flyweight division. Weight duel under Muay Thai rules, catchweight super fight 140 pounds. This event ended in “Tang Rod”, boxer worth 10 million baht, losing.

ONE Lumpini 34 Combat sports organized by ONE Thailand at Lumpini Boxing Stadium, Ramindra, Bangkok, Friday night, Sept. 22. The highlight match of the week is the meeting between “Thang Tang Jitmuangnon” The ONE Muay Thai world champion in the flyweight division (125-135 lbs.), who held the title for 4 years, meets “Superlek Kiatmoo 9” ONE Flyweight Kickboxing World Champion The meeting of this pair is a special Muay Thai fight, 3 rounds, “Super Fight, Catchweight 140 pounds”, formerly ONE Thailand, the organizer of the competition. assigned to this pair It is the rules of Muay Thai, flyweight division, with super small 27 years old, is a candidate for the position from tank

By if “Super small” Succeeded by overcoming “Tank” The owner of the title means that Super Lek will be the champion in both divisions. But because of the case that Super Lek” can’t pass the weight He exceeded the flyweight limit by 5 pounds and was unable to reduce weight to meet the criteria in time, while “Thangtang” passed the criteria. If “Super Lek” lost weight, it would be dangerous. ONE Thailand, the organizer of the competition Therefore, this fight was changed to a Muay Thai super fight, 3 rounds, catch weight 140 pounds, fighting at a new level. so that the competition can continue

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Opening the first round, “Tang Tang” thrusts his elbow into the forehead. “Super Lek” can quickly heal a broken wound. But the doctor agreed that he should be able to continue fighting. In the second round, “Superlek” walked in and was not worried about the wound. Got the moment to chop and elbow “Tang Tang” until he fell into a pile in the corner. In the final eight rounds, both sides moved forward until three rounds were completed. “Superlek” won by unanimous decision. Above the boxer whose price is 10 million baht, ONE states that this is the biggest fight in the history of Muay Thai in many years.

Summary of the results of every match, ONE Lumpini 34

The main match: Superlek Kiatmoo 9 won by unanimous decision against Rodtang Jitmuangnon (Muay Thai, Catchweight Super Fight). The second match: Seksan A.Kwanmuang won by unanimous decision over Amir Nasiri (Muay Thai, Catchweight). Muangthai PK.Saenchai won by unanimous decision over Yodlekphet A.Atchariya (Muay Thai Catchweight) Kulapdam Sor.Jor.Piak Uthai won by TKO over Tyson Harrison at 3:00 minutes of the first round. (Muay Thai, Bantamweight) Phrachanchai PK.Saenchai won by unanimous decision. Akram Hamidi (Kickboxing, Strawweight) Miguel Trindade won by knockout over Sib Muen Coach. Mr. Minutes 2:14 of the first round (Muay Thai, Catchweight) Suea Kim Sor.Jor.Tong Prachin won by knockout Saman Assuri, Minutes 2:15 of the first round (Muay Thai, Catchweight) ) Songchainoi Kiatsongrit won by knockout over Jom Hod Auto Muay Thai at 0:54 of the second round (Muay Thai Catchweight) Wei Sukin won by unanimous decision over Phetchatchai Fight Geek Muay Thai (Muay Thai Khae Tshwaite ) Chinesatka Solsetsek won by non-unanimous decision over Chen Rei (Bantamweight MMA ) Lito Adiwang won by TKO over Adrian Mateis in the minute. 0:23 of the first round (MMA strawweight)

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Rodtang Jitmuangnon, ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion (125-135 lbs.)

“Superlek Kiatmoo 9” ONE Flyweight Kickboxing World Champion

Superlek Kiatmoo 9 won by unanimous decision over Rodtang Jitmuangnon (Muay Thai Catchweight Superfight).

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