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On January 15, Carlos Franganillo took the reins of Telecinco’s nightly news program. His departure from TVE towards Mediaset meant a television earthquake that led to a domino effect: also since January 15, Marta Carazo, until then the public channel’s correspondent in Brussels, sat in the place previously occupied by Franganillo to be the new face of Newscast 2 of La 1. In addition, Telecinco took the opportunity to launch new Laivos informaty sets, more modern and with more technical possibilities than it had before. And also to reorder the presenters of their news programs.

But have the changes had any effect? Has Carlos Franganillo’s move to Telecinco brought viewers from La 1 to the Mediaset network? One month after that renewal, we look at the audience data of the main nightly news programs to analyze the result of these changes. The analysis is reduced to Antena 3, La 1 and Telecinco, the three main news programs that are broadcast daily at 9:00 p.m. We left out the news on La Sexta, which starts at 8:00 p.m., and Cuatro, which returned to the airwaves on January 29 five years later and is also broadcast at eight in the afternoon.

In a report provided by the consulting firm Barlovento Comunicación based on data from the auditor Kantar Media, it is confirmed that the leadership of Antena 3 News 2 remains unquestionable. Between January 15 and February 13, and without taking into account the five days with Copa del Rey matches on La 1 (which altered the audiences of all the news programs and the duration of the one on La 1), the newscast presented by Vicente Vallés had an average screen share of 18.4%. It follows, from afar, Newscast 2, with Marta Carazo, who has achieved an average of 10.3% share in her first month. If the simultaneous broadcast on Canal 24 Horas is added, the share increases to 11.1%. In third place remains Telecinco News 21.00with Franganillo at the helm, with 10% of the quota.

Antena 3’s nightly news program has achieved an average of 2,397,000 viewers. That of La 1 has an average of 1,352,000 followers, closely followed by that of Telecinco, with 1,305,000.

If we compare this situation with what existed a year ago (again, leaving out the days when football was broadcast on La 1 and Telecinco), some conclusions can be drawn. Although the classification remains the same – Antena 3’s news program is in first place, La 1 in second place and Telecinco in third – the distribution of the cake has changed slightly. A year ago, Vicente Vallés’ program led even more comfortably than now, with a 20.6% share and an average audience of 2,932,000. He brought together more viewers on the screen than his two direct rivals combined. Now, although he continues to lead very clearly, the distance has narrowed slightly.

The news program that Carlos Franganillo then presented on La 1 had slightly better results than those run by Marta Carazo now, and a year ago it averaged a 10.5% share with 1,510,000 followers. For its part, the news program headed by Pedro Piqueras on Telecinco had an average share of 9.3% with 1,330,000 viewers. Its screen share was worse than the current one but, nevertheless, it had more viewers. In any case, in these weeks, the distance between the nightly news programs of La 1 and Telecinco has clearly shortened compared to what it was a year ago.

The journalist Marta Carazo, the first day she presented 'Telediario 2'.
The journalist Marta Carazo, the first day she presented ‘Telediario 2’.

Another factor that influences news audiences, and that can be even more decisive than the face that presents it, is the success of the program that precedes it. The drag effect was demonstrated with the jump of Pass word from Telecinco to Antena 3 and the turnaround that it represented in the hearings. The force of Pass wordwhich in recent days has been around 19.2% share, is decisive in the good reception of the news that follows it. Chain reactionthe contest that precedes Telecinco News 21.00is around 11% share, while Here the Earth, in La 1, it is around 11.8%. The podium between the three programs that act as opening acts is distributed equally to that of the news programs that follow them.

The renewal at Telecinco

The change in Mediaset’s news has been more profound, with a general facelift. An important dance of faces was added to the new sets. Since January 15, Telecinco News 15.00 Monday to Friday is presented by Ángeles Blanco and Isabel Jiménez. The weekend editions are handled by David Cantero, Leticia Iglesias and José Ribagorda, and Laia Jiménez and Arancha Morales are the faces of the morning edition.

In the month that has passed since these changes, the weekday afternoon news program on Telecinco has averaged 1,123,000 viewers, with an average screen share of 11.1%. This is a figure lower than what this same edition of the news achieved on average in this same period of time a year ago, when it exceeded one and a half million viewers and a 14% screen share. Weekend delivery data is also somewhat lower now than a year ago. In this last month, they have achieved close to 1.2 million viewers on average and have maintained close to an 11% share. A year ago, they were followed by just over 1.4 million viewers on average with a share close to 12%.

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