One more step towards the Harden trade in Brooklyn!

Eager to leave the Rockets to join a title contender, James Harden may just get what he wants. A further step has been taken according to the latest echoes towards a trade. We take stock.

After years of repeated failures on the side of the Rockets, James Harden is visibly fed up. He reportedly asked to leave the franchise, and he has no intention of giving a gift : for him, it’s the Nets or nothing. Why the Brooklyn Franchise? Because his great friend Kevin Durant is there, and the two men want to reproduce their duo from Oklahoma City.

But now, Brooklyn has yet to convince Houston to give up the Bearded. According to the latest echoes, the negotiations were catastrophic, wondering if Harden had a chance of being traded to the Nets. Luckily for the fans, it seems to be getting better.

Indeed, the two franchises continue to negotiate, and it seems that an agreement is very close according to the information of Anthony Puccio, known to be quite close to the Nets. A few details are still to be worked out, but it evokes a “verbal” agreement between the two parties, which means that the trade is not very far.

The Nets and Rockets are closing in on a deal to send James Harden to Brooklyn. “The deal is not official, but a verbal agreement is in place according to sources.”

Information which obviously remains to be confirmed, but which should delight Harden. The Bearded Man wants his ring and he’s ready to do anything to join the Big Apple, as well as KD. A few days of patience, and now the fans of the Nets could well rejoice.

James Harden at the Nets, it’s starting to take the path. A few more days, and the situation may well resolve itself.

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