One mural every 25, while the cause awaits expert opinions and reports

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Two months after the death of Diego Armando Maradona, murals in his honor continue to be inaugurated in different neighborhoods of the city of Buenos Aires while the cause investigating his death continues to advance.

The mural inaugurated this Sunday in La Boca is a work done in venecitas, on the facade of Calle Del Valle Iberlucea 894 (almost on the corner of Suárez), by the group ‘Mosaico Nacional’. The image projects a young Maradona, with long hair, when he was barely over 20 years old. It evokes his first arrival at the Boca Juniors club, to become the 1981 Metropolitan champion, after being transferred by Argentinos Juniors.

“The idea is that every day 25, when a (monthly) anniversary of his death is celebrated, we can inaugurate a mural of Diego throughout the city,” Gonzalo López Lluch, one of the architects of ‘ National Mosaic ‘and the group’ Comando Maradona ‘. “In a first stage we will seek to install murals and monuments of Diego in the neighborhoods of the city of Buenos Aires. But we do not rule out traveling to the interior, because the project to honor him to the ’10’ has a great call everywhere, “he added.

Last December, coinciding with the first month anniversary of the death, a mural was installed at the intersection of Gándara and Benjamín Victorica streets, in the heart of Parque Chas.

The world soccer star died on November 25, at the age of 60, due to acute pulmonary edema. He was in a fifth of the San Andrés neighborhood, of the Villanueva complex, in Tigre, Buenos Aires province, that his family had rented. There he was recovering from a neurosurgery for a subdural hematoma in the brain that he had undergone two weeks earlier.

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Last week, a calligraphic expert opinion determined that the signature of Maradona used to request his medical history from a private sanatorium in September 2020 was falsified, so the situation of the doctor who treated him, the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, was even more compromised.

The team of prosecutors created by decision of the attorney general of San Isidro, John Broyad – made up of Patricio Ferrari, Cosme Iribarren and Laura Capra – will soon decide whether to charge Luque with the crime of “use of adulterated private document.” Luque is one of the people named by the prosecutors in the original case for the death of Maradona, together with the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov

The autopsy determined that Maradona died as a consequence of “an acute edema of the lung secondary to an exacerbated chronic heart failure.” According to the results of the toxicological studies carried out, Maradona did not have alcohol or illegal drugs in his body, although they did detect psychotropic drugs.

Some of the psychotropic drugs found are “arrhythmogenic”, that is, they produce arrhythmia, something that experts and prosecutors must now analyze if they were appropriate for a patient with a chronic heart disease like the one suffered by the former Gymnastics DT.

The investigators await for the next few days the last of the complementary reports of the autopsy, with which they would complete all the requested studies and allow them to convene the Medical Board that will analyze Maradona’s medical history. Prosecutors trust that the Medical Board could begin to analyze the documentation provided by all forensic experts for the second half of February.

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In addition, the investigators will receive this week the final report of the analysis of all the telephones and electronic devices seized in the raids carried out at the homes and offices of both Cosachov and Luque.

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