one of the passengers was able to leave the hospital this Sunday, “she remains in silence”

The irreparable drama happened around 2 a.m. on Saturday: three young girls were in a Citroën driven by a friend of theirs. They were traveling on the RN568, coming from Vieux Campinaire to return to Farciennes. Suddenly, the vehicle made a sudden exit from the road, in a turn. The Citroën then hit a light pole… A shock of rare violence, which left them no chance…

“The driver got out of his car in shock,” says a source close to the four young people caught in this accident. “He saw what had just happened and ran on the road to try to stop passing motorists again, at that time,” we are told. Aged 18, he emerged unscathed from the accident, but very shocked by these painful events.

► Anissa had just celebrated her 17th birthday on December 30th and lost her life. Relatives testify.

Another passenger is very seriously injured, she is still hospitalized.

► The third young girl was able to leave the hospital this Sunday. holed up in silence since leaving hospital. »


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