one person was killed and two others were seriously injured

A Citroën on board which were four men tried to evade a police check, on the side of Zellik, this Saturday evening, around 11 p.m., before being chased by two vans from the police zone AMOW (Asse, Merchtem, Opwijk, Wemmel). This chase ended in an accident of incredible violence in the Annie Cordy tunnel (ex-Léopold II tunnel), near the Sainctelette exit; so much so that one of the passengers was ejected from the cabin. The Citroën first hit the berm separating the exit of the tunnel (from the rest of the tunnel), then it ricocheted against the wall (right) of the exit of the tunnel before turning over. Balance sheet? One passenger died on the spot and three injured, two of them seriously…

One dead, three injured

“The accident took place following a chase. There were four young men – born in 1993, 2000 and 2003 – aboard the vehicle. There was one death among the passengers, two seriously injured including the driver and one slightly injured. The Brussels public prosecutor’s office came down to the spot with an automobile expert. A forensic scientist has been appointed and a camera investigation is underway, ”says Sarah Durant, spokesperson for the Brussels public prosecutor’s office. “The pursued vehicle first hit the berm, then the wall of the Sainctelette exit tunnel, before turning around. The firefighters had to intervene to extricate the people who were still stuck in it, ”she explains. Finally, it should be noted that there is a link between this deadly chase and an act of intra-family violence, the initial reason for the intervention of the AMOW police zone.

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