one year after hair transplant, goodbye to tickets

Updated:24/09/2020 08: 18h


The end of the road has come. A year ago and a few days ago I was in Turkey in an operating room, with some panic about what could happen, but with the hope to say goodbye to my tickets. I wanted to recover that blonde hair that I had in the last years of school and, although we have not reached that point, at least I do see myself again as when I started college.

After much thought, last summer I dared to travel to Turkey at the Dr. Serkan Aygin’s clinic to undergo a hair transplant. The operation was long (more than five hours), but it went very well and I returned to Madrid shaved to zero and with some small scabs that disappeared after a few weeks. Since then, the hair has been growing, taking shape and also strength. It no longer resembles that of a baby, as it did a few months ago, but it has also gained in density. I even had to go to the hairdresser after more than a year …

In these three months that I have not written to you, the growth of the hair has practically not been noticed. The gaps it had had already been covered long ago and the only thing missing was for the hair transplant to settle completely. And that is what has happened. After a year, now I can say that the hair is mine and not a bit of a cover up like I could do 10 or 15 weeks ago. I am now awaiting final report from Dr. Aygin, although I have been told that it is quite positive. Even now I can do my hair in a different way, forgetting about the part in the middle so that the entries are not visible.

What I have noticed, perhaps more for having been summer, is that my hair has darkened. I, blonde level, would like the Nordics between July and September, now I look almost more brown, although everything has its explanation and its arrangement. The reason is simple: since the hair they put on you is from the back, where the sun tends to shine less, it is usually a little darker, so when you wear it together with the rest, it gives the feeling that it is no longer so light . The solution? Also simple … a little sun, a little sea … and time, which will be clear.

A lot of people told me about hair color in the summer. It is also normal, because they are people I do not see much of, practically only on vacation, and some had not even found out about my adventures in Turkey. In fact some did not even notice what he had done to me, something positive because it indicates that hair growth is noticeable but not artificially. Like I just changed my hairstyle and now my hair is longer, come on.

Who did notice it was my hairdresser. Between the fact that they shaved me in Istanbul and the fact that I passed the razor again during confinement, I had not been there for more than a year, so when I went to make an appointment, they almost made me wave. She, used to being told “cut me off so that my tickets are not visible”, soon saw that something had changed and her feelings were very good. “You’ll tell me where they did it, because it’s one of the best I’ve seen”, he recognized me. What really mattered to me was that it looked natural and that it curdled … and it has.

Anyway, no matter how good it looks in the end, you will always have a bloody friend who will look for your tickles and tell you that you still have tickets or that you could have put more hair. And you will have to put up with it, putting on the same face you made before the transplant, similar to the emoji that looks to the side with narrowed eyes. But now that emoji has hair.

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