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OnePlus’ next flagship will be the first to feature a new unified operating system that merges Color OS and Oxygen OS. The OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 8 series will also benefit from the integrated operating system. Older OnePlus phones will continue to receive promised updates to the Oxygen operating system.

The inevitable is finally happening. OnePlus merges Oxygen OS with Oppo’s Color OS to form a new “unified and improved global operating system”. In a recent press conference Android Authority attended, the company confirmed that its next flagship launch in the first half of 2022, likely the OnePlus 10, will be the first phone to feature the new integrated operating system.

“Oxygen OS and Color OS completed a codebase integration in June of this year. This is the start of creating a unified operating system experience for OnePlus and Oppo users. The unified operating system experience will launch first on the 2022 flagship, and then on all devices globally with the major Android update in 2022, ”said OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, during the briefing.

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OnePlus’ latest blog post also more or less confirms that the so-called “unified” operating system will replace Oxygen OS entirely, at least on flagship phones. We asked OnePlus if the operating system would have a new name, but we didn’t get a response from the company.

For now, OnePlus says: “After careful consideration, we have decided to integrate the Oxygen OS and Color OS teams to jointly plan the future software experience. The reason for the move, the company explains, is that it has seen the two operating systems converge in terms of fundamental user experience.

Gary Chen, director of Oxygen OS, will oversee the global unified operating system.

What does the new unified operating system mean for OnePlus users?

The company’s latest announcement goes back to its previous claims that Oxygen OS and Color OS will remain separate on global OnePlus devices. It may not be for OnePlus fans, but Lau wants to allay concerns by promising a clean, lightweight experience on the new operating system.

“I think the unified operating system will retain the Oxygen OS DNA that many of you love so much, while providing you with an improved overall experience. And of course OnePlus has a unique group of users, which is why we will be customizing the unified operating system specifically for OnePlus devices to make sure it meets your expectations, ”the executive wrote in the post. blog.

The statement suggests that we could still see some software differences between the OnePlus and Oppo phones, but we won’t know for sure until when it launches.

Which phones will benefit from the new unified operating system?

OxygenOS ColorOS integration timeline

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In addition to its next flagship phone, OnePlus has confirmed that the new unified operating system will be available on the OnePlus 8 series. By extension, this should also apply to the OnePlus 9 flagships.

There’s also no clarity on the new unified operating system landing on OnePlus Nord or R Series devices. The latter could still get the update, but we doubt that will happen for the former.

Oppo’s flagship products launching in 2022 are also expected to pack the new unified operating system.

Meanwhile, the company told Android Authority that it plans to release Oxygen OS 12 shortly after Android 12’s next launch. OnePlus devices will also continue to support unlocked bootloaders, as always.

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