Online betting: these players who would earn a little too much for the operators’ taste

“Today, with my friends, we chose to bet on the Romanian championship. They can play 25 euros, I cannot exceed 7 euros. Examples like this, Jerome, a 35-year-old big gambler, can cite dozens. Like many others, he complains of being limited by online betting operators. To the point that the National Gaming Authority (ANJ) banged its fist on the table.

In a press release published this Monday, October 25, the ANJ recalls the reasons which may justify a refusal: “The prevention of excessive gambling (…), the fight against fraud, money laundering and the financing of terrorism, or the financial exposure of the operator, who may refuse to take bets beyond a betting limit that he defines, subject to to treat all bettors equally ”.

“At the beginning, I bet in a lambda way, and gradually, I began to understand watchmaking and to improve myself, explains Jérôme, a soldier who ensures to pay his vacations thanks to the gains online. Today, I play on the errors of sites which misjudge the market or are mistaken in a comma. For example, by rating Lewandowski, the Bayern scorer, at 14 instead of 1.40. But as soon as the operators see that we are playing like that or that we win, we enter a box and we can hardly play any more. “

“Losing customers, called pigeons in the business, are quiet”

“When I was a trader (Editor’s note: employee in charge of quotations), I had to limit players. I was told that everyone was doing it, says Sébastien Jung. Losing customers, called pigeons in the trade, are quiet. The winners, the sharks [les requins, leur surnom dans le milieu], we bore them. “

This big player, sometimes limited for suspicion of excessive gambling, sometimes for presumptions of collective gambling, continues: “All operators restrict me, except the latest comer, Betway. For some, this consists in establishing a betting coefficient. In one of them, I have a coefficient of 0.01, that is to say that I can only bet 1% of what a classic player is allowed to bet. “

“One of the leaders ranks players between A and E. I know from inside sources that I am ranked D,” he explains. Concretely, I only have access to bets offering a gross gain of 500 euros, on big competitions, that is to say up to 150 euros for an odds of 3.35. Beyond that, the bet is pending and refused in 95% of cases. “

“It is estimated that some benefit from an unfair advantage”

The operators we solicited did not respond individually to our requests, but the Association française des jeux en ligne (Afjel), which brings together the market leaders (in particular Betclic, Unibet and Zebet), except Winamax, agreed to do it.

“The ANJ makes tons because many players would have addressed complaints to it, but the 17% of the referrals mentioned represent 170 players out of nearly 4 million who have bet at least once online during the year 2020 , tackles General Secretary Juliette de la Noue. It concerns a very small number, always the same. “

“It is estimated that some benefit from an unfair advantage, for example, because they are bookmakers with an operator and benefit from a lot of information that others do not have, before playing on their personal account, that from their grandmother or a friend, she says. This is done at the expense of other bettors. “

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