Online festival: abundance of courts does not bother

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Like many other events in our lives for the past three months, the Côté court festival in Pantin is taking place online this year, making its vast program of short films available at free price: unlike its hard editions, access to screenings is free, spectators and internet users can support the association that organizes them with a donation. The various competitions (fiction, video art and Prospective Cinema, a program of medium-length films with films by Marie Losier, Frank Smith or Marylène Negro) are accompanied by the great Panorama usual at the festival, which shows the shorts noticed and / or judged remarkable of the year, and a section called Free Screens.

In all of this, certain names will sound like promises to those whom the cinema, including less than an hour, interests a little: randomly on the screens of the site, we come across Randa Maroufi (with Bab Sebta), Anton Bialas (At the entrance of the night), Juliette Guignard (Middle earth), Ilias El Faris (Difficult), the Spanish director and chief-op Mauro Herce (Lonely Rivers), the great Arnaud des Pallières (Degas and me) and the rare Laurent Roth (the ghost country), Maxime Martinot (History of the Revolution), Sébastien Betbeder (To the bone), Mehdi Benallal (Madame Baurès) or Anne Benhaïem (The man who leaves)

Deprived of the intensity of a possible meeting with spectators with a human face, all these filmmakers and many others still send us pieces of themselves by correspondence, like beautiful bottles in the sea towards our deconfined rooms .

Luc Chessel

Côté Court de Pantin Festival From June 17 to 27 on



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