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This Wednesday update 9.0.0 is for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate appeared with the new fighter Steve and has a few in addition to new content Balancing changes that this time not only affects characters but also the online experience. Nintendo already had the in August Improved online mode for 1 vs 1 fights, now more screws were turned: The The tick rate in online arenas with up to 4 players / spectators was doubled from 30 Hertz to 60 Hertz. This means that now also matches with more than 2 players in arenas more fluid than before run and, for example, streamer as a viewer in a lobby can stream a 1 vs 1 match between two other people without the game fluidity suffering (which was the case so far):

Nintendo released an extensive patch three months ago that brought numerous changes with it. If you missed the news from that time, click on the following link to get the Stage and character changes from Update 8.0.0 to watch. In Update 9.0.0 Slightly fewer characters were changed than usual and most of them were strengthened (↑) – among other things, this time benefiting particularly strongly from it Ness, Ice Climbers and Lucario. Only Shulk has been both strengthened and weakened (↕) and Ridley became very easy weakened (↓). You can find all changes from Update 9.0.0 on the American website (official patch notes) as well as here as a translated version with German explanations:

General changes affecting several characters:

  • Of the Perfect shield (↑) is now much stronger against projectiles: If you have successfully used a perfect shield against a projectile, you can then carry out actions faster than before and, for example, attack the opponent more easily.
  • Multi-Jabs (↑) are now stronger and can no longer be canceled as easily by enemy attacks as before. The following characters benefit from this: Young Link, Meta Knight, Bisaknosp, Daraen, Bayonetta, Ridley, Simon, Richter, Piranha Plant, Banjo & Kazooie and Min Min.
  • Numerous Multi-attacks () can now hit the opponent several times in a row more easily. The beneficiaries of this change are Link (Smash Above), Pikachu (Air Strike Front), Captain Falcon (Smash Above), Ice Climbers (Sprint Attack), Shiek (Ground Attack Above), Wario (Special Above), Charizard (Special Side and Special Above) , Sonic (Smash Above), Lucario (Ground Attack Side), Mii Swordsman (Special Above 3), Shulk (Smash Above), Bowser Jr. (Smash Above) and Ken (Ultra Smash). For Shulk this enables, for example, new setups that could not be executed consistently before:

Character specific changes:

  • Donkey Kong () was already made significantly stronger in Update 8.0.0, this time there is only one tiny change: Its special side now has a larger vertical attack range for opponents on the ground when the move is used on the ground.
  • The jumping attack of Ness () now does more damage and has an increased catapult potential (= knockback), the ground attack upwards does more damage, the air attack downwards and the special standard can now be carried out faster and the throw upwards does more damage and catapults opponents out of the stage earlier as before.
  • Ice Climbers () were noticeably improved: The computer-controlled Nana now takes less damage, less knockback and has one improved AIso that it is less likely to fall into the abyss by mistake. In addition, both characters can grab the edge more quickly if Special Side in the Air was used. The special above has also been improved so that it can be used in even more situations without problems. Finally, the sprint attack has a larger attack range and the Smash Below has increased catapult potential.
  • Also fans of Sonic () can be happy: His sprint attack deals more damage and further actions can then be carried out more quickly, the latter also applies to his ground attack above. His Smash Above again gives you a larger window of invulnerability and can be executed faster than before.
  • The aura of Lucario (↑) has been improved again and makes your attacks even stronger than before in proportion to the amount of your own damage value. His jab and his smash down can now be executed faster, his special side gives more knockback and after landing with the special up, Lucario can now execute actions more quickly.
  • Shulk (↕) was weakened on the one hand, because his shield-monado technique is no longer quite as strong, which means he can no longer survive as long as before. On the other hand, to the delight of Shulk players, his previously mediocre counterattack (Vision) has finally been significantly improved and can now catapult opponents almost as much as in the previous game Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U:
  • Bowser Junior (): The catapult potential for the ground attack side and the throw side has been increased, the smash down and special above can be carried out faster and attacks when standing up from the edge are now stronger after the special above has been used to grab the edge. The special side (clown runabout) is now stronger and Bowser Junior can no longer be knocked out of the junior clown carriage as easily as before.
  • Ridley (↓) was already heavily reinforced in the last patch, so the following small weakening in the latest update should probably not be too significant: If Ridley uses his special up in the opposite direction downwards towards the ground, only opponents who are on the But not enemies hanging from the edge.
  • Simon and Richter (↑): The sprint attack now does more damage and has increased catapult potential at low percentages, the latter also applies to the ground attack upwards. The Smash Above can again be executed faster and (just like the Smash Below) has an increased catapult potential and Special Above has a higher attack range than before.

Comparison video: Version 8.0.0 vs. Version 9.0.0

Finally, you can watch a video of the BeefySmashDoods, which illustrates the most important changes in practice:

Incidentally, has newcomer Steve caused a nasty glitch (we reported here) – it is likely that this error will be fixed in the next update from Nintendo.

How do you rate the balancing changes in Update 9.0.0?


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