Online mode still not available; Maintenance work extended again

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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem’s online mode has been completely disabled since Saturday midday, so developers can fix a bug related to the characters’ lost progress in the game that occurred during the previous server update and server capacities in collaboration with the server Operators can increase. The servers should be online again from 1 p.m. (Sunday), but a recent tweet has upset the original schedule. The restoration of the character data would take more time than planned, write the developers, who, as a precaution, do not call a new time for the end of the maintenance work. Until then, the action role-playing game can only be played in offline mode without the multiplayer option.

These issues also affect user reviews on Steam. The current tenor is “Balanced” (65 percent of user reviews are “positive”) and the meme “Wolcen: Lords of Maintenance” spreads on Reddit. On the day of publication or after the early access end, the mood was “mostly positive”.

In a post on Steam, the developers said that they were completely surprised by the rush and popularity. The maximum number of concurrent players in the early access phase was 1,934. After the early access end, the values ​​skyrocketed to 95,720. “Although we are pleased that we have reached such high numbers, it unfortunately caused some problems with the servers. When the game was released, we were already in contact with our server partners in order to ensure server capacity with a high number of connections But the numbers grew so fast and the simultaneous attempts to log in to the servers also caused problems with authentication. We also had to ask for more capacity there, “it said.

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