ONLINE: Plze plays in Tinec, Liberec guest of Sparta. Kometa is also in action

Tineck tonk Matj Strnsk (left) pushes David Stach’s dog to the goal of Pilsen’s Dominik Pavlt.

| photo: TK


Pardubice scored five points in a row, of which they won a week, Hradec bag won both previous fights in the ron. Aktuln is on the wave of games and loses only a point on Liberec.

He won a quarter in a row and competed against Spart, which he defeated twice in a duel. Praan, after a series of nine games on Monday, lost to Varm after the raids, they also scored a number of consecutive points.

Tinec won eight of the last nine shots and still pushed Sparta. Against Pilsen at the deployment of Strnsky’s representatives with the pack, Zpadoei complicated the fight for the city in the first pole with a 2: 4 shot in Mladá Boleslav.

Karlovy Vary wants to continue with better results at home against Brno. It moved to Var straight from Budjovice with a valuable 5: 4 game and a good feeling from the game being glued.

Olomouc could not score in full for five consecutive matches, but it was still close to the Litvnov rain. He suffered the last time in Liberec, but he has been on the run since the end of January.

Zlnu is moving away from the playoffs, in Monday the Rams suffered their sixth loss in the series. Now standing in the way of Boleslav, she passed the point series on six matches, of which Stedoei won.

Vtkovice wants to shake Budjovice’s debacle 0: 7 from the first pass in Ostrava. The last Jihoei bag did not use the ram Aries and he lost the point.

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