Online, registration for the next school year 2021-2022 – The Commentary

The secretary of Education, Jaime Flores Merlo, announced that of February 2 to 15, will take place on Registration process for him school cycle 2021-2022.

He noted that most of the enrollment strategies will be online, through emails, of phone calls, from the pages of the Ministry of Education and the different schools.

He said that in the month of March the results will be published and the turn draws for the accommodation of students in those high demand schools.

Additionally, he indicated, it will be necessary to continue with what is related to the infrastructure, “We have in the process of building new schools in Villa de Alvarez, one already concluded and another in process, as well as another in Tecoman, in addition to newly created classrooms ”.

The purpose, he said, is that once the return to the activities in person, be the enough spaces to serve students and teachers.

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