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If there are very few doubts from users on the quality of The Last of Us Part 2, however, there are many concerns of users about the noise of the PlayStation 4 Pro during the execution of the exclusive license plate Naughty Dog. In this regard, the first testimonials on social media are emerging.

In fact, the tweet from Gene Park, videogame journalist for the Washington Post. According to the critic, the game is heavy enough to make its mid-gen console make enough noise to increase the volume of the TV. In addition to comparing the noise to that of an air conditioner, Park specifies that it has also tried to reduce the resolution to 1080p without having noticed significant improvements in terms of noise.

It should be noted that this information should not be unnecessarily panicked, since from the user’s tweets it also emerges that the one in its possession is a PS4 Pro of the day one (i.e. the loudest model) which turns out to be quite noisy with all the exclusives (God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Death Stranding). In short, if your console does not emit particularly loud noises with other exclusives, The Last of Us Part 2 is unlikely to give you any problems in this regard.

We remind you that the game will arrive exclusively on PS4 and PS4 Pro on June 19, 2020. On our pages you will also find a preview of The Last of Us Part 2 by Francesco Fossetti in which he spoke of two hours of play.


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