Only One Contracted with COVID-19 Patients, Kedung Banteng Residents Are Contagious

STAY – A resident of Karanganyar Village, Kedung Banteng Subdistrict, Tegal Regency, namely a man with the initial R (63) tested positive for contracting COVID-19. He was suspected of contracting while working in Jakarta and living with his friend who was also previously tested positive for COVID-19

Spokesperson for COVID-19 Prevention Task Force, Tegal Regency, Joko Wantoro, Tuesday (4/8) night said that R was a colleague B (66), a bajaj driver from Bogares Kidul Village, Pangkah District who had been assigned a patient status. positive confirmation since last Tuesday (07/21) and is still being treated at RSUD dr. Soeselo Slawi.

“Both of them live in the same rented house in Jakarta. It’s just, R first returned home to Karanganyar on Saturday (11/07), the day before B’s return to Bogares Kidul, “he said.

From the information compiled, continued Joko, R’s return was because he was suffering from pain, complaining of dizziness after falling from the bathroom. Then, R had checked himself into the Muhammadiyah Singkil Hospital, Adiwerna, on Monday (07/13). Then R is recommended outpatient.

As a close contact from the patient with positive initial B, R underwent a swab test on Friday (07/24) and only came out last Monday (7/31) with positive indications of COVID-19 exposure. Furthermore, R was referred to RSUD dr. Soeselo Slawi because there are complaints of cough, runny nose and falling injuries that have not healed. It is known, R also has comorbid diabetes mellitus.

“Following this case, we immediately tracked and found 5 people as close contacts. We have asked for independent quarantine and swab specimens were taken yesterday (03/08) yesterday, “said Joko.

In addition, Joko also said that there was one positive confirmation patient of COVID-19, namely a 9-month-old boy with the initials MZN, from Kademangaran Village, Dukuhturi Subdistrict declared healed and was allowed to go home Tuesday (04/08).

“This toddler was declared negative or cured after undergoing treatment for 14 days at the Kardinah City Hospital in Tegal,” he explained.

With these additions, the number of COVID-19 positive confirmed cases in Tegal Regency reached 55 people. Of these, 39 people were declared cured, 9 people underwent treatment and 7 people died.

Editor: Muhammad Abduh

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