“Only the second period against Croatia was good” (video)

Elimination from the group stage of the World Cup will remain a great disappointment in Belgium, whether for the fans or the Red Devils themselves. In an interview for Play Sports, Kevin De Bruyne returned to this failure at the World Cup.

“Our World Cup just wasn’t good,” said the midfielder. “We have to accept it and hope that we will do better next time. Honestly, we only played well in the second half against Croatia. The other matches weren’t as good. In a way, we have no reason to complain and we have to accept it as a team. »

The tournament is “obviously” a disappointment, according to De Bruyne. “But I think the last two years we haven’t been great. If you look at our games lately, you notice that we haven’t won many games or played good football for a while. We tried to do better, but that just wasn’t the case in this tournament. »

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