“Onmyoji Monster House” responds to China’s policy to modify the game language and change SP, SSR, etc. to different, extremely, excellent, good, general

A light development mobile game developed by NetEase “Yinyang Master Youkai Shop“The China version recently announced that in response to Chinese policy requirements and in line with game language specifications, it now adjusts the in-game shikigami-level SP, SSR, SR, R, and N to different, extreme, excellent, good, and general.

Recently, the Chinese government has imposed many restrictions and regulations on the game industry, including related regulations to prevent minors from indulging in online games, restricting play time, and rectifying game content, including “Fate/Grand Order》Many games are facing the fate of rectification.

And recently “Yinyang Master Youkai Shop“The announcement stated that in order to respond to Chinese policy requirements and to comply with the rules of game language, it was announced that the original shikigami grades “SP, SSR, SR, R, N” familiar to players in the game were adjusted to “extraordinary, extreme, excellent, and good.” “Pu”, remove English and use Chinese to express god-level.

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