ONP: What does the future president think about the project for the return of contributions? | Francisco Sagasti | Congress

The next transitional president, Francisco Sagasti, indicated that the projects that propose the release of contributions from pension systems.

“From the Executive we will have to do that with the responsibility that the management of public finances requires, “he said on RPP TV.

The current president of Congress noted that you can not cheat the public promising them projects that cannot be fulfilled.

“From the Congress we can make requests, make complaints, shout and shout: ‘the money of the poor’, ‘thieves’, etc., and that does not help at all (…) We must not deceive the public, things must be explained better , face those outbursts that they try to confuse knowing that what they are raising cannot be done“he added.

Sagasti points out that concrete proposals must be made on how to help people without destroying the pension system on which more than 650 thousand older adults depend who have no other options to generate income.

“We are going to be very careful and evaluate the demands of those who need it most. Unfortunately many demands will be unsatisfied, whether we like it or not. We can’t do miracles“, he specified.

Before the vacancy, it had been indicated that the project that raises the withdrawal of contributions from the ONP would generate a disbursement of S / 16,000 million from the public treasury.


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