ONPE presents in first results the candidates who obtained the most votes in internal elections

Corvetto too highlighted the participation of the militants of these parties during the internal elections process, which he considered historical, because it occurred in a context of health emergency for the country.

At the moment, these are the first results of the internal elections that chose the modality of the affiliate vote, in the case of the presidential polls:

First results

Popular Action (at 53.37% of recorded minutes)

List 3: Yonhy Lescano 8,057 votes

List 1: Edmundo del Águila (2,051)

List 2: Luis Gálvez (549)

List 4: Alfredo Barnechea (215)

Peruvian Aprista Party (60.06%)

List 1: Nidia Vílchez Yucra 4,834 votes

List 2: Juan Carlos Sánchez (1,317)

List 3: Rafael Jerko Zevallos (421)

Purple Party (76.92%)

List 3: Julio Guzmán 2,045 votes

List 2: Carolina Lizárraga (485)

List 1: Alejandro San Martín (65)

Wide Front (78.79%)

Marco Arana Zegarra 453 votes

Together for Peru (80%)

Verónica Mendoza Frish 840 votes

We are Peru Democratic Party (68.46%)

Daniel Salaverry 1,938 votes

Peruvian Nationalist Party (59.41%)

Ollanta Humala 997 votes

Christian People’s Party (55.09%)

Alberto Beingolea 1,365 votes


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