“Onson Creative 365” in collaboration with “Ubit Group Co., Ltd.” is auspicious to pay homage to the Y series “Nilandon”

“Ms. Manasan Kudhom” of “Onson Creative 365” together with “Ms. Ratchian Thipthana Kittiporn, the executive of “Ubit Group Co., Ltd.” had a good time at 09.19, leading the director “Kittat Ploycharoen”, the actors and staff. Join the worship ceremony of the latest Y series “Nilandon” that is ready to be screened on Channel 9 MCOT HD number 30 this October at the Phra Phrom courtyard. In front of the Operation Building of MCOT Plc.

The team of actors led by “Aom Skawjai Poonsawat” who played the first Y series in his life. Along with the actors in “Nat Natchaphon Rattanamongkol” as “Don”, the protagonist of the story, “Tai Sukit Norasing” as “Nilan”, the protagonist of the story. along with the handsome face actress “Peerawit Ploynamphon”, “Beam Phumphiphat Akkarakitinan”, “Pangpon Phurichaya Khampermpool” and for the first time Across the channel to play the series of “Nita Aniphan Chalermburanawong”, in addition, there are also new actors such as “Bua Thong Duangkaew”, “Un Aiun Sirichot” to attend this sacrifice ceremony. by the atmosphere in the event full of hustle and bustle and increase morale in this situation

On the other hand, Mr. Manasan Kudhom, the organizer of “Onson Creative 365”, revealed that our drama set has already turned on the camera for filming. and is in the process of filming nearing completion which in November The drama set will travel to film in Seoul, South Korea. In the atmosphere, flowers change color That helps make the picture of the series look more beautiful. and the audience got more in than before and Mr. Ratchian Thipthanakittiporn, executive from “Ubit Group Co., Ltd.” added that We have also pushed the Thai series to the international market. which enough to release the news It has received a good response from abroad. and actors in Nilandon Also invited to attend Kyushu Rainbow Pride 2021, a dedicated LGBTQ+ event this November. in Japan as well And now the series “Nilandon” has been bought to broadcast in many countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, etc. It will be broadcast simultaneously with Thailand.

Y-series “Nilandon” is the love story of “Don”, a freelance photographer, heir to a famous hotel and restaurant business in Seoul. who need to travel back to Thailand according to the father’s orders With a broken body and a head inside until he meets “Nilan”, a warm barista. who came to heal the pain of “Don” until the relationship of the couple had to change Follow the love story of “Nilan” and “Don” will be fulfilled or not on Channel 9 MCOT HD number 30 on Sunday, October 31, 2021 at first EP.00 at 11.00-24.00 and can update the movement via on all social media platforms at onzoncreative365


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