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The right technological solutions can increase the productivity of a remote hybrid workforce.

With the expected “next normal” in the world of work consisting of a mix of remote and office work environments, adaptable technology that allows Ontario public servants to stay productive anywhere is a big deal. top priority. If you are a government worker in Ontario, it goes without saying how significant this change is from your previous office setup.

As part of the new hybrid working model, your environment is set to change from day to day, hence the need for technology that can follow you everywhere. Fortunately, these versatile tech tools exist so you don’t have to sacrifice power for portability or trade convenience for performance.

The Samsung Galaxy device ecosystem works seamlessly to simplify multitasking and efficiency for every type of government worker, whether in the office or traveling between multiple locations.

Samsung DeX: A desktop-like experience powered by your Galaxy smartphone or tablet

For government employees, your workday often requires working away from your office setup. To avoid disruption to your job, it’s important to have the ability to work as you would on your desktop computer, without having to carry additional equipment.

Samsung DeX[1] is a platform that extends your Galaxy smartphone or tablet to a desktop-like computing experience, allowing you to easily connect your mobile device to a Windows computer using a USB-C to HDMI cable ( sold separately), or better yet, connect wirelessly to a Smart Monitor or Smart TV.

For example, start writing an email on your Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, with your fingertips or your voice, while helping kids get ready for a day at school. Then launch DeX when you are back at your computer to complete, review, and send this message using keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop functionality, and resize windows. On days when you need to attend an on-site meeting, use DeX wireless to stream content from your phone to a smart TV or smart monitor to view large documents in an optimal size, or better yet, project a presentation on a large scale. screen. Multi-task and take handwritten digital notes right on your tablet Galaxy Tab S7+ with the digital S Pen, while using a desktop-like interface directly on your tablet screen.

The ability to access Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) directly from DeX is especially important for public sector workers who need to access confidential programs and documents. View and run the software as if it was stored locally while allowing your IT departments to breathe a little easier knowing that all work activities take place in a secure environment.

Transform Your Conference Calling Experience with the Galaxy Ecosystem

With mobility at the heart of the new workday, laptops are quickly replacing the standard desktop computer to become the device of choice for public servants.

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and the Galaxy Book Pro 360 may be as thin and light as a smartphone or tablet, but are just as powerful as a computer. Available in 13.3 or 15.6 inch form factors, Galaxy Book Pro laptops are an integral part of the interconnected Galaxy ecosystem.

For example, when a virtual conference call is over, simply open the charging case. Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds Samsung Wireless and your Galaxy Book Pro will recognize them immediately and establish a connection. Enjoy a crystal-clear connection right from the start with the powerful voice sensor.

You can also use the Galaxy Book Pro as a second screen to project a presentation while jotting down tasks to perform on the Galaxy Tab S7 + with its included S Pen. Once you’re done, quickly convert handwritten digital notes to text format with just the push of a button and easily share them via email with your team.

For busy officials who constantly take video calls, get the notifications you need while keeping their eyes on the job. By linking your smart phone, such as the Galaxy A71, to your laptop, you won’t miss urgent messages with the Link with Windows feature. This feature allows notifications to appear directly on your laptop screen for quick and easy responses to streamline your workflow.

Having access to technological options that allow work to be done in virtually any environment quickly becomes a prerequisite for a productive workday. With the versatility of Galaxy devices, you will be well equipped for this new reality of work.

Work smarter with Samsung Galaxy solutions, like DeX, to get more done in less time on the go. To learn more about the latest Samsung solutions for business, visit samsung.com/ca/business.

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[1] Samsung’s DeX wireless connection is only available on smart TVs that support phone screen duplication. On Samsung’s DeX, some apps may not be supported or may require the purchase of a separate license.

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