Oolong Renovation|Spent $45,000 on renovation and construction for 4 months to uncover and demolish the wrong fence unit Neighbors are satisfied with the decoration

After careful renovation, it was discovered that the unit was “wrongly installed”! A woman from the mainland bought a new home earlier and spent about HK$45,000 on renovations. However, after about 4 months of construction, she found out that she had done renovations to a neighbor’s unit by mistake. She explained the ins and outs of the incident to the neighbor, and was forgiven by the neighbor, especially because of the neighbor’s behavior feel good.

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According to comprehensive internal media reports, a woman surnamed Tian (pseudonym) in Panzhihua, Sichuan revealed that she bought a hardcover unit in 2019. Because she wanted to move in as soon as possible, she approached the person in charge of the developer’s engineering department when the building was about to be handed over at the end of the year to complete all the tasks. After the formalities, it was approved to carry out renovation in advance.

Since there is no house number marked on the building, Tian Nu was led by the person in charge of the engineering department when she entered. She recalled that she was puzzled when she arrived at the door, “I remember that I was the unit (unit) next to it”, but the person in charge insisted on the location of the unit. It was correct, Tian Nu entered the house with the other party, and invited the design and decoration company staff to discuss the decoration matters, and started the renovation in April last year.

Renovate for neighbors by mistake

Since the unit itself is a “hardcover room”, most of the decoration has been completed, and you can move in after moving in your personal belongings. Therefore, Tian Nu did not make any major renovations. She only replaced tiles, sealed the large windows on the balcony, demolished walls, and changed some circuits. When it was time to install the wardrobe, Tian Nu discussed with other homeowners. Some homeowners pointed out that “the unit number, room number, and floor plan are all clear on the purchase contract.” , and has been under construction for about 4 months,

“It was really angry and funny at the time. I was laughed at by the neighbors of the decoration company and the owner group. My friends said, I only saw your situation on TV.”

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Tian Nu reported to the person in charge of the engineering department that the other party still insisted that there was no mistake at first, so she showed the purchase contract. After he confirmed it, he found that the unit numbers on the drawings of the sales department and the engineering department were reversed. He felt very sorry for this and offered to help her He contacted the neighbor involved and explained that the incident was caused by his negligence, so Tian Nu did not hold him accountable.

After contacting the neighbor, Tian Nu apologized to the neighbor and explained what happened. She thought that the other party would be angry, but unexpectedly, the neighbor was worried that Tian Nu would suffer losses, and felt that she had taken advantage of it. After getting the neighbor’s understanding, Tian Nv showed the unit design drawing to the other party, asked her if she would continue to decorate in this style, and introduced the decoration company to her.

Neighbors buy decoration materials at half price

A few days later, the neighbor and his parents came to inspect the house. He was satisfied with the decoration style of the unit, and also liked the floor tiles and terrace. Tian Nu revealed that she originally spent more than 40,000 yuan (about 45,000 Hong Kong dollars) for decoration. After negotiation, the neighbors bought the decoration materials for about half the price.

“For me, the loss was about 20,000 yuan (about 23,000 Hong Kong dollars), but it was much better than I expected. What I was most worried about at the time was that the neighbors wanted me to tear it down and restore it. Now this result, I feel Losses have been minimized.”

In the end, Tian Nu hired the same designer as her neighbor, and they kept in touch with each other on weekdays, and they had a good relationship. For this oolong decoration incident, there was no quarrel or dispute, and both parties could understand and consider each other. She admitted that she was surprised and moved.

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Written by: Su Liyi

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