Opel wants to relocate part of its activity to Morocco

“Still problems with Stellantis, Opel threatens to relocate activities in Morocco”, indicate the German media Hessenschau and Ntv. “According to information from the works council, the employees of the Rüsselsheim development center were threatened, during discussions with the staff, to transfer their tasks to Morocco for cost reasons” underline the media.

“There are more and more indications that the next reorganization of Stellantis is not only imminent, but that in certain areas, it is already being implemented illegally without prior information, advice and negotiation with employee representatives,” denounce employee representatives on the works council. They announce that “legal steps have been taken” because “their rights of co-determination have been violated”. Contacted by the media, Opel turned a “deaf ear” and declined to comment, it says.

The German press recalls, moreover, that this kind of decision is not a first for Stellantis. The latter announced last week its intention to separate the two production plants in Rüsselsheim and Eisenach from Opel Automobile GmbH. Both infrastructures may soon no longer belong to Opel and have their own legal and production organizations.

It should be remembered that on September 2, the Stellantis group signed a new agreement with Morocco, to strengthen its industrial partnership started in 2015. This agreement comes when the manufacturer had announced the production of the Opel Rocks-e in Kenitra, alongside the Citroën Ami.


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