Open for sale. “ATK test kit”. Buy online. 40 baht per set. Limited to 400 boxes per day.

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20 Oct 2021 08:53

Pharmaceutical Organization Selling ATK testing kits, priced at 40 baht per set via online channels, limited to 300 boxes per day.

On October 20, 2021, reporters reported that Pharmaceutical OrganizationCOVID test kit-19 quality under “Quality ATK Project for Thai Society” at a price of 40 baht per set by opening the channel Additional sales in the online system through the website. allowed from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with home delivery service

which is available for sale from today Until Tuesday, October 26, 2021, the preliminary amount of 300 boxes per day (20 sets per box) is limited to the right to purchase 1 box per person, priced at 800 baht (excluding 52 baht shipping).

In this regard, to distribute such test kits to people in other provinces and inconvenient to travel Make people have access to more ATK test kits and in the future, the organization will distributeATK test kit It is sold through sub-distributors, which are distributors of the Pharmaceutical Organization throughout the country as well.

from the project feedback “ATK Quality for Thai Society” very well from the public and various agencies Both the public and private sectors are interested in purchasing a large number of products. Therefore, the organization has expedited the procurement of ATK testing kits under “Quality ATK Project for Thai Society” Phase 2 additional 2 million sets

For the general public it can be purchased at the drugstore ofPharmaceutical Organization These are Ratchathewi Branch (Head Office), Yosse Branch, Charansanitwong Branch, Thewet Branch, Rangsit Branch, Ministry of Public Health Branch. Department of Medical Services Tropical Medicine 80th Birthday Anniversary Government Complex Branch

It will be available for sale until Tuesday, October 26, 2021, and after the organization has procured and ordered more in sufficient quantities. Will be able to open more sales in the future.

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