Open letter from the Federal Spokesman’s Council of the KPF to the members of Cuba Sí (Junge Welt newspaper)

The decision of the party executive of Die Linke zu Cuba of January 23, 2021 continues to cause criticism within the party. The Federal Spokesman’s Council of the Communist Platform (KPF) in the Left Party sent an open letter to the members of the Cuba Sí working group at the weekend, which had previously also expressed criticism of the said decision (see jW from the weekend):

Dear comrades, it is with relief and gratitude that we receive your declaration »Solidarity with Cuba is indivisible!«Of February 4, 2021.

Only those who have never dealt with the history of the Latin American continent can believe that groups supported by the USA are striving for something other than a so-called regime change. Democratization is a trivializing term for this. This is hardly aimed at deficits in the development of socialist democracy in Cuba.

When forces endured by the empire demand democratization, it is as if criminals were asking their potential victims not to restrict their liberties. And wherever these forces are in power, the victims either disappear in the torture cellars or entirely. An exaggeration? Anyone who thinks this should deal with the history and in some places also the present of Guatemala, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and other countries in the US “backyard”.

It is not easy for those countries that are no longer ready to be vassals of the empire and that are threatened by it and gagged by sanctions. And they don’t like to do everything they do. But if you stand in this country and think you have to give advice to those who would suffocate in their blood, the forces endured by the empire triumph, to whom we would like to say: “Riding a stranger’s ass is good through fire”! Venceremos.

Statement by Luisa Albera, search and rescue coordinator of the sea rescue organization SOS Méditerranée on board the »Ocean Viking« on Sunday:

This week, as many people tried to flee from Libya via the central Mediterranean as they have not in months because the weather conditions were favorable for the escape. The team on Ocean Viking saved the lives of 424 people in distress, not only because it is our duty as seafarers, but also because we continue to believe in the right to life for everyone. It is now the duty of European states to work together to assign a safe place where survivors can disembark immediately.

We are currently looking after 422 rescued people who are still on the ship. Some are in a precarious state of health and are under constant observation in our on-board clinic. (…).

The worsening weather conditions (…) make our situation even worse. We cannot provide a place in the protective containers on deck for all rescued persons. I will try as best I can to find a sheltered place for the Ocean Viking (…). The 422 rescued people who are currently on our ship (…) have the same rights as everyone else who was rescued at sea. You urgently need to disembark in a safe place.


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