open patient practice ‘High blood pressure’ and the COVID-19 vaccination

open patient practice ‘High blood pressure’ and the COVID-19 vaccination Again, do not stop taking the medication or adjust the medication for vaccination. unless recommended by a doctor

Today (31 May 64) reporters reported that Facebook Thai Khu Fa has published information stating that patient practice ‘High blood pressure’ and the COVID-19 vaccination

high blood pressure It is considered a congenital disease group and has risk factors for the severity of COVID-19. that must be vaccinated in the first place, so patients with this disease Therefore, you should understand how to prepare your body before vaccination against COVID-19.

In this regard, Prof. Dr. Kiat Rakrungtham Executive Director of the COVID-19 Vaccine Development Project Vaccine Research Center Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University has suggested that preparation for patients with high blood pressure without complications such as heart disease Before vaccinating against COVID-19 The pressure must be controlled to not exceed 140 mm Hg.

If you already have high blood pressure, such as the elderly need to take medication regularly get enough rest If you have high blood pressure that is beyond normal, you will need to consult a doctor.

which after the injection is completed within 2 – 4 hours should not do any activities in order for the vaccine to work properly. and taking regular medication except for antiplatelet drugs or drugs that dissolve blood clots to notify the doctor immediately Because there may be a side effect, namely bleeding into the muscle at the injection site. with the appearance of swelling or blood bruising

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however high blood pressure patients You should not stop taking your medication or adjust your medication for vaccinations. Unless your doctor recommends stopping the medication temporarily. to make vaccine results more accurate

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